Fun Stuff

Here are some fun mini games I whipped up in my spare time to keep you occupied. :)

Title Description
Superfight Character Tracker A nifty little character tracker for DnD-style games. It will also save your characters for later use.
Datemaker A fun little "simulator" that creates your ideal partner. Pick from either a randomly-generated person or make your own partner. A description is also generated on the fly about the person, according to their stats.

(Not Safe For Work - User discretion advised)
Fortune Teller Want cheap psychic/fortune readings that may or may not be true? Then try this!
Console Web Browser Are you mad that the PS5 and Nintendo Switch don't have a built-in web browser? I am too... Here's a nice little tool that assists with that problem-- it's a web browser interface within your web browser. It functions pretty close to a normal web browser (with some caveats), but it has a nice UI with back and forward buttons and an address bar.
Would You Rather... This is my first (and only) go at making a .NET application. It is basically a small app that plays the game "Would You Rather". You can play this on any Windows-based PC, but the ideal way to play this version is using a laptop (or Surface-type Windows device) and pass it around the room with other people. It comes with an accompanying CSV file containing a huge set of predefined questions and choices. You can also modify the file in either Excel or Notepad (or similar) to expand the game further.