Interdimensional Transporter

This video is awesome. The assignment was to use AfterEffects to make a 2 minute long infomercial about a fictional product that would not exist in real life. So I thought it would be funny to make a video about a teleporter that a billionaire British gentleman invented.

A few fun facts: I actually made the UI that I demonstrated for the teleporter on the computer. Also, the two shots where I step onto the rock and pull bark off the tree were really done outside in my yard. In order to make it look like it was inside, I had to use a large blue tarp that my dad has for stacks of firewood as a green-screen. The shot of me stepping onto the rock was done in the woods, and it just so happened that that particular rock had two trees directly behind it, so I was able to use them to drape the tarp directly behind the rock and myself. The wind was REALLY high that day, so I had to wait for the wind to die down before I could take the shot. Also, right after I put everything away and went inside, it began to RAIN. And the next day, I found out that I had obtained a tick. So, I pretty much went against all odds just to get those two shots, and to this day, I'm still really proud at them and how good they came out in the end result.