The School of Torture 6 - PC

Well, this is the last game of the entire School of Torture series. For this one, I was getting tired of the 3D mechanics from the previous games, and decided to take a break and go back to basics. The School of Torture 6, while it isn't 3D, still has some of the nicest looking graphics I've ever made for a game. There are 50 rooms to explore here, and the environments are quite interactive.

Sadly, the School of Torture 6 was the last game in the series to come out. I was in the process of making a 7th game, which was going to be 3D again. I had about 1/3 of the game done, when everything on my hard drive was erased by accident.... Everything.  The School of Torture 7 would have broken a LOT of new grounds, and the game used a new 3D graphics engine that looked way better than the previous games. But the hard drive I had the game source on was wiped, and never again could I continue the project...

But then, fast-forward to 2013... I am now 24 years old, and have been working on this series since I was 12 years old... There is a NEW School of Torture game in the works, which will completely reboot the entire series. The story wil be deeper, the sound and graphics will be spectacular, and there will be a ton of new gameplay elements that will make the series fresh again. ^^