The School of Torture 2 - PC

Here is the second game in a game series that I spent most of my time working on: The School of Torture! In this game, you play as the green dude, and he is forced to go tothis strange, creepy school. In the school, the teachers are deranged. They torture all the students, and assign them hundreds of thousands of worksheets to finish in class. You have to explore the many rooms of this building and find a way out of there alive.

I did actually make a School of Torture game before this one, but unfortunately I never backed up the game from the one computer I had it on (Remake, anybody? ;D) This game is quite elaborate, considering I made it when I was 12 years old. There is even a sort of "health" mechanism built in, but it's very wonky. For some odd reason I made it so that touching the walls hurts you, and if you're not careful, it'll kill you almost instantly. But I still consider this one of my early gems.