PC Games
NOTE: Many of these games are ones I made back in elementary school. That means most of these games are either unbeatable, don't have any kind of purpose, or they're unfinished. When you play these games, they should be seen through the perspective of a young kid. I put these games up here for the sake of archiving what I made as a kid, rather than for their playability, and to show people how I've progressed over the years in my knowledge of game design.

The Abandoned House (2003)
Calvin & Hobbes (1999)
Cars 2 (2002)
Cars 3 (2004)
Cop Cycle (2003)
Dark Force (2007/2011)
Forbidden Beach (2005)
Game Catcher (2004)
Ghosts! (2006)
The School of Torture 2 (2001)
The School of Torture 3 (2002)
The School of Torture 4 (2003)
The School of Torture 5 (2004)
The School of Torture 6 (2006)
Spook House (2003)
Twisted Terror: SUB (2002)