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This archived news section preserves update entries from previous versions of this website, mainly just for historical purposes.

September 23, 2011

Well, as you guys know, it's been a long time since I released a new game. The reason for this is not because I've lost motivation to make new games, or don't want to do it anymore. I just recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows. Now when I say "switch", I mean I switched every computer I have access to. None of the computer monitors here will give you a desktop with a taskbar and Start menu at the bottom. I made the switch because I didn't want to deal with viruses and blue screens anymore, and so far it's been a painless ride. The only difficulty is I can't get our game creation software to run on it, because it's Windows-only software. So I'm trying right now to figure out a way to run our familiar game creation software in Ubuntu in a non-buggy state.

So for all those who think I'm retiring in game development, you're wrong. The fact of the matter is, making games is still my passion, and I actually have a whole backlog of games that I want to make in my head. And just for those who are REALLY curious, I will tell you that the first game I work on next will indeed be a remake of the first School of Torture. Yes, that's right. I don't really want to spoil anything right now, but let's just say, it's going to be an amazing game. I'm going to combine everything I know about game design with everything that I remember from the original School of Torture game. I'm going to say it right now though, it will not be in 3D. But I hope sometime I get to make another 3D game again.

Whew.... well this was a long update. I actually had to rework the html of this text box to allow a scroll bar especially for this one entry. xDDD Anyway, I will post back probably soon, once I've managed to get a stable environment working for our game creation software. At that point, I will start approaching the School of Torture remake. Stay tuned for that, and have a great day.

September 21, 2011

As you all can see, we've decided to completely re-design the website from scratch, making this the third iteration of Our goal as of right now is to completely re-build the entire website with a much more streamlined, cleaner look, and fix all broken links that creeped in over the years. The navigation buttons are now located to the left, and are larger and more touch-screen friendly. Every section will soon be re-polished, and it should all be done by the end of the month, if we're successful. Hope you guys enjoy the brand new layout, and I'll keep you posted on further updates as progress goes on.


Wow... how long has it been, 2 years?! Well, we're finally back in business! And all the links will be fixed and fully functional by tonight, if all goes planned.

Just to bring you up to speed with what's been happening since 9/19/05, High Alacrity unfortunately was going through major development difficulties and it was decided by the team for the project to be cancelled. However, the School of Torture 7 is NOT going to be cancelled, but will see a major delay in progress for about a year and a half. A new project, titled Game Catcher 2, is in the works, and has seen a nice smooth development so far. =)

By this weekend, the website should be completely finished-- all links working, including the ones that were never born on the right column over there. >_>

Well, that's about the long and short of it all. lol. Let's see how things turn out from here on in.

Catch ya lata!



This website will be going through some major overhauls over the next few weeks, as I am trying to get everything back in order with all the downloads and pages I have to manage. Note that the website's layout may very well change over time, as it evolves, but for now, I just want it so everything is accessable despite looks.

The links to this site are slowly coming along. You can now access the new Games page. Every game now will have its own screenshots of its actual gameplay. Also, I will be putting up a few extra pages for the bigger projects that can only be obtained on CD, like the Strange X-50. *Sighhh...........* boy do I have alot of work to do...


Wow, it's been such a long time since I've updated this place! People have been asking me when I would update it, but I couldn't since my computer was fried. Now, I've decided to totally re-build the entire website completely from scratch. As you can see, I've decided to give this place a new "chrome" look to it. From now on, the most recent updates will be displayed here. Above you'll find a sneak preview of projects that are currently undergoing.

You will probably notice that the only page working is this one. That's because I've just started putting the website together since last night. But don't worry. I'll have alot of good time this weekend and before you know it, everything will be working again.

Well, I hope everyone likes the new design, and I'll see you soon!!!


Fixed a HUUUUUGE error on the website that screwed
everything up once in awhile. I am going to fix more
broken links and add another section to the site soon

Gamewise, the School of Torture 7 is being delayed
for quite some time now. I'll notify when its progress
is going to be continued...


The School of Torture 7 is still in development by
the Toxic Team. (a branch team of Megatoxic)
Cars 4 has just been confirmed for release on
sometime close to summer vacation.

Some very striking news has come up, after MANY MONTHS
of no news on Mansion of Horror Hill. There were many
confusions and rumors about Mansion on Horror Hill,
since noone has heard any recent news on it for a long
time!!! We have contacted the core group who have worked
on it and they've confirmed that they canned the game
about a week ago or so... Yes, that's right. The game
is over with! They're done. They're not going to release
it. The game is toast. It's gone. Pretty sad... isn't it?



This website must've been down for I'd say, 2 MONTHS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's because I got a new computer, and since my website
screws up periodically, I had a really hard time getting it
streaight and back to the way it used to be....

You cannot play the School of tortures 2, 4, or 5, since the link for
the freegadgets DLL is broken (GOD I HATE BROKEN LINKS!!!!)
I know for a fact I can get it back from CD. :9

The Strange X-50 is going to be out in only 2 MORE DAYZZZZ!!!!!

I'M SO EXCITED!!! DO YOU AGREE????!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!


Mansion on Horror Hill is going to hit a delay of 3 months.
For more info, click here.

Notice that I've added the borders to some of
the pages that looked a little empty. Wellp... THAT'S IT!!!


Well, I just discovered a day ago that ALL the links in the
site weren't working correctly. So now, I have FINALLY gotten
the links working FOR REAL!!! Try one if ya don't believe me!

Also I have fixed a few pages that look a little strange.

Not all the links are fixed. The ones that really work are
the programs that I had on my computer. The ones I'm working on
are the programs I burned on a CD somewhere. I can't seem to
find it right now though...

Right now, I'm going to try to make the navigation a little different
by giving the left border some use. This may take time, though,
because I have to edit the actual gif image, which is a real pain!!!


Sorry about the website being down. I had it on my old computer
and to make updates on the site again, I had to transfer the
whole thing to the other computer. Anywhoo, Mansion on Horror Hill
is coming out in about a week or so!!! So get ready for one wild
game!!! It's also going to be 3D, too!