Ghost! - PC

This is a small game that I made one weekend. The original concept for this game actually came from a dream I had about it, where I was playing this on the Sega Genesis. Kinda weird... Anyway, the object of the game here is to defeat the other ghosts. Basically, you and the other ghosts are fighting over the location, and whoever wins the battle will be the one that haunts the area. That's really the entire synopsis of the game. It's actually kind of fun, but the 2P mode doesn't work so well because Game Maker games have trouble detecting more than three key presses at once.

A bit of a note about this game: Even though this game and the Atari game I made have the same exact title, that's really the only thing that's similar about them. For the Atari game, I was originally intending to make a port of this game, but then decided to make it into a different game where the player plays as a human. That's actually why the Atari version's titlescreen is nearly identical to this game's title screen. I think both games are quite good in their own respect, but I think the Atari version is just a little bit better. ;]