Ghost! - Atari 2600

Here's an interesting game for you horror fans out there. Inspired from Call of Duty's "zombie" mode, Ghost puts you in control of a person who's trapped himself in the world's most haunted locations. Wow, he REALLY messed up. XD

Your objective is to zap the ghosts that possess these gloomy places. The only way known to kill a ghost is by spraying a special potion at them, which you can find in the levels. But be warned: your potion eventually runs out, at which point you have to collect more! If you touch one of the ghosts, your dead.

I would regard this as probably the most complex Atari 2600 game that I've ever done. There are 1- and 2-player modes, but in 2P mode you can also choose between Co-Op and Versus. There are 3 stages, all with their own corresponding music. But the most interesting thing about this game is the built-in level editor. You can design your own freakish stages, and the editor is actually very flexible. I've made it so you can place any objects' positions wherever you want, you could place or remove walls, and you can change the colors of the walls and backgrounds. The editor also has error detection, so if you forget to mark down the player's starting position, it will tell you.