Cars 3 - PC

Here we have Cars 3, the sequel to Cars 2. Strangely enough, I never actually made a Cars "1", or if I did, it was probably some kind of test game that I never finished. But as you could see in the screenshots, my sprite editing skills are much better than in Cars 2. I still had to borrow some sprites, such as the ones the cars use, but the ones I drew were vastly better here than in my older games. There are multiple cities in Cars 3 that you could drive around through, and you can actually get out of your car and steal other peoples' cars as well, making the game much more like GTA.

The cops here still don't work that well, although the traffic AI actually attempts to stay on the road this time. LOL! I think the level designs and cityscapes here are quite intricate. It's pretty apparent that my design skills were improving a lot by the time I worked on this game.