The Angry Video Game Nerd - Atari 2600

The Nerd of all nerds stars in his own Atari 2600 game! Your objective is simple: shoot all the games coming down the screen before they reach your three consoles! The game may seem a bit slow and boring at first, but it gets intense VERY quickly.

This game had the honor of being featured in the latest AVGN episode! You can watch the episode here. Also, be sure to check out the rest of for the rest of James Rolfes' work.

DISCLAIMER: The Angry Video Game Nerd is not my character or show, it belongs to Cinemassacre. No copyright infringement was intended, nor should this game be accused of it. I don't know exactly why so much legal jargon is needed in explaining this usually, because it's a pretty simple idea to grasp. So this was my version of it. LOL!