About Megatoxic

Okay, well first I should start off by saying that Megatoxic is not exactly a company per-say. But it's the name I like to use for my games that I make. In actuality, it's just me running this whole operation here. Yep. You may have picked up on that before sometime, but in case you didn't, I'm telling you now. And for the record, my name is Tom O'Neil, and I am 25 years old come January 2014. On the internet I like to go by either Lodmot, Megatoxic, or Matrix803.

However, if Megatoxic WERE a real company, our vision, our purpose would be to deliver fun entertaining video game software for a wide variety of platforms. We would try to do everything differently from everyone else. I like to innovate, so when I'm making my games I generally try to strive towards something that nobody's done yet.

I also really enjoy making games and working with computers in general. Eventually I'll probably post my resume below too, so you can see the credentials I've got.