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a new kind of retro.

At Megatoxic, we're about video games. We strive to create compelling gameplay experiences and software for a wide variety of platforms. For the past 16 years we've been creating unique nostalgia-inspired titles such as Game Catcher, The School of Torture and a slew of Atari 2600 homebrew games. Megatoxic was responsible for the AVGN fan game for the Atari 2600, which got featured on the actual Angry Video Game Nerd YouTube show (6+ million views).

Our goals as a brand are:

  • To create new addicting, fun and challenging game software for players of all ages.
  • To interact with our players and gather feedback about our currently-released games.
  • To exchange ideas with other independent game developers and collaborate on more ambitious projects.
  • To provide an environment where gamers and developers of all ages can engage with each other via the forums.

About Megatoxic's Founder

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Tom O'Neil has been manning the Megatoxic brand since its conception in 2001. He currently works full-time as a support specialist for a local software company, but manages Megatoxic as an outside hobby. Tom has created all the game software under the Megatoxic brand name as-of-date and is interested in growing as a game developer. He is skilled at HTML5, graphic design, music production and the Game Maker: Studio software. He is also open to learning new programming languages and game creation systems. If you're interested in contacting Tom, he can be reached through the following methods:

Megatoxic Forums
Email -
Skype - Lodmot