The Abandoned House - PC

This was an old Sonic fan-game I made when I was younger. The game stars Sonic, Tails and ME. Yeah.... Back then I was totally fixated on the idea of starring in a game with my all-time hero, Sonic. XD But here, for whatever reason, I decided to portray myself as a green hedgehog... Kinda weird...

As far as the actual game goes, the first stage starts out like a space shooter, but you're actually just dodging asteroids. Then eventually, your ship crashes on an unknown planet with a haunted house. You go through the house and figure out that it's connected with you somehow, and you all decide to find out how. The game has a pretty interesting feature where you can swap between characters, and there are certain parts of the game where you need to play as Tails in order to squeeze into those smaller areas.

It's kind of a fun exploration game, but it's very cryptic and kinda difficult to figure out. If anything, it's an interesting piece of my childhood that displays the kind of games I was designing back then.